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Warred was founded in 2012 by young band members and long time friends Arthur Ernandes and Rodrigo Andrade. They both shared the same passion for old school metal bands such as Iron Maiden, Metallica, Judas Priest and more, they formed a band pursuing the fiery and furious sound of the old guard, bringing that to the modern times back then. The band began recording their debut EP ‘Wild Legion’ in 2013, but feeling their music needed more time to shape its style, it took a few years from that to come back with a stable line up consisting of Pedro Mion (vocals), Arthur Ernandes (guitar), Rodrigo Andrade (guitar), Jorge Nascimento (drums) and Espiga (bass). This is the lineup who recorded two singles “Beneath The Sea” and “Where I Belong” in 2019 and now coming with a brand new song “Behind The Mask” that is featured on the band’s first ever video. The band is now in process of songwriting for their debut record which is due to be recorded and released in Q4 2020. It fuses its old school style with their new found influences such as Gojira, Mastodon, Opeth and more, but all band members have different musical backgrounds such as hardcore, punk and more. With that said, the debut album will come with an unique and constant evolving sound. Warred was also, in part time, an Iron Maiden cover band. The guys in Warred not only payed its tribute to one of the biggest bands in history, but also did it with so much maestry that the band began to being noticed in cover festivals around Sao Paulo and won a major championship of cover bands by unanimty from a body of highly specialized jurors, giving the band the right of being the resident band of some reputable and internationally recognized night clubs in Sao Paulo such as Blackmore.

2020 will come with their long awaited debut album and there’s more on the horizon coming for Warred. Prepare your ears and stay tuned for more.


From left to right

Jorge Nascimento (drums)

Rodrigo Andrade (guitar)
Pedro Mion (vocals)

Arthur Ernandes (guitar)

"Espiga" Augusto (bass)

2019 - Beneath The Sea
2019 - Where I Belong
2020 - Behind The Mask
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Booking: Arthur Ernandes

+ 55 11 99215-4462


Label and others: Arthur Ernandes

+ 55 11 99215-4462


PR/Press/Social Media: Rodrigo Andrade

+ 55 11 98840-1142


© 2020 by Warred

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